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Europa League Draw Results

Europa League Draw Results

The group stage of the Europa League begins. The teams already know their competitors, so they managed to prepare for the confrontations. However, the excitement is still palpable, because at such a short distance any loss of points can be fatal.

Among all the groups that were formed based on the results of the draw, Quartet B can be called the strongest. It includes:

RB Leipzig;
Here we see the main favorites of the tournament. However, there is no obvious outsider, so we can safely assume that everyone will have the opportunity to fight in the Europa League play-offs. The prospects of teams in the quartet in more details can be discussed only after a few rounds since the answers to all questions of interest will be given only at the football field. This situation applies to every group since there can not be any middling game here.

It has become significantly easier to follow the livescores, because the results of all the confrontations are available live.

Prospects of Participants

Almost all the favorites got pretty comfortable groups, therefore at this stage, they should not face any difficulties. However, the Europa League is so good for that even the minor teams here, unknown to the majority of fans, can make headlines.

Today, the coaches of Arsenal,Chelsea and Milan, and other favorites need to find motivation for their teams, who will have to solve the issue of getting into the playoffs in the shortest possible time. That’s why it is better to play with the leaders during the last and the penultimate rounds, when they can relax a little, of course, if they have already won the ticket to the next stage. The Europa League is now becoming an important tournament and causing a fair amount of stir, so no one will allow the reserve squad into the field.

“Small” teams’ motivation has no limits. For them, participation in the second most important club tournament of the Old Continent is a chance to prove themselves. There are quite a lot of examples of how the leaders of such teams eventually transfer into stronger clubs right after demonstrating their capabilities during games at the international arena.

Let’s see how the situation develops this time; whether the favorites will show what they are capable of already at the group stage of the competition or they will likely conserve power for the playoffs.

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